Wave, Line, Dot

Wave, Line, Dot is a short film, drawn by Ruthie Vargas during a Sound and Light Studio teachers’ workshop. The soundtrack was created by Older Toddlers, by imagining what sounds ‘a wave’, ‘a line’, and ‘a dot’, would make and creating them with only their bodies and the room, but without other instruments. The formal limitations placed on this project built a scaffolding for the simple beauty you see in this collaboration. Enjoy.


Listening Walk

During Sound and Light Studio this spring, I worked in and outside of all the BCS classrooms teaching Listening and taking Listening Walks with students, teachers and parents. A Listening Walk is an opportunity to relax one’s sense of hearing into the surrounding environment, in this case the Old North End neighborhood of Burlington, VT. We also practiced seated listening indoors, often as preparation for making sounds together. Watch Listening Walk.

Listening practice, Listening Walks, and Sound-mapping Walks are integrated mindfulness components of Sound and Light Studio. At BCS, we began a sound map of our neighborhood during this Spring 2015 residency and hope to continue the work, collaborating with other listeners in our community to complete our Old North End Soundmap. Stay tuned for news on that project…

-Becca Mack