Tree Cookie Sculptures

We created these sculptures using tree cookies, nails and screws, beads and colored wire. The children were given the opportunity to use real tools during this project. By trusting children to use real hammers, nails, screws and screwdrivers we showed them that we believe they are capable human beings. During the process they learned that they were really capable of handling those challenging and heavy tools. They worked meticulously and carefully while I held the nails and screws steady for them. It was a lesson in trust for me and my fingers only got smushed a couple times! During the process we also learned technical terminology related to the tools we were using. Your kids probably know how to identify a flat head and a Phillips-head screwdriver now! Plus, there was a certain level of hand eye coordination required to hit the head of the nail properly and with enough force to drive it into the hard wood. The children were up for the challenge and mastered the process with ease and enthusiasm. After the nails and screws were securely in place the kids chose from an array of colored wire and beads to decorate their sculptures. This part of the process required fine motor coordination to string the beads on the wire and wrap the wire around the nails. Each child was encouraged to freely express their own creativity for this part of the project. The completed three-dimensional art pieces are here for you to enjoy!
-Natalie Stroud: curriculum, written documentation. Rebecca Mack, photographs.

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