Playdough & Clay


As this group of young toddlers have become familiar with these two mediums they have begun to explore the storytelling concept of producing products that represent real creations. The children squeeze play dough into balls and smush them down with the palms of their small hands to form what they call “cookies” or “cake”. They might even go as far as imagining a oven to pop their cookie in to make sure it gets “hot”, proceeding to blow on it.

These interpretations from the children’s lives or stories they tell often transform the children’s engagement & excitement when given a hunk of play dough or clay and creating something of value from their own lives. These creations have provided inspirations for other children to take on or expand in their own investigations. This has created a classroom full of rich experiences and collaboration among the children.





Building Materials

The babies have been investigating a variety of building materials. The children create towers and structures. Some of the materials include, unit blocks, bristle blocks, OJ tops, cardboard boxes, cubes, recycled fishing line spools, and much more.  Look through a collection of photographs of the children exploring some of the ways to build!

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