Wave, Line, Dot

Wave, Line, Dot is a short film, drawn by Ruthie Vargas during a Sound and Light Studio teachers’ workshop. The soundtrack was created by Older Toddlers, by imagining what sounds ‘a wave’, ‘a line’, and ‘a dot’, would make and creating them with only their bodies and the room, but without other instruments. The formal limitations placed on this project built a scaffolding for the simple beauty you see in this collaboration. Enjoy.


Lending a Helping Hand


M. walks up to the sink to wash his hands, he finds S. there struggling to pump the soap. He very gently offers to help. Taking the soap container from her and prompting her to open her hand and pumps the soap into her hand. He then verbally guides her through washing her hands.

Writing and Receiving Letters – The Purple Dragon


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Upon moving into the Older Toddler classroom the children sparked an interest in the purple dragon, a few weeks later the children noticed an old rusted mail box and with a little encouragement from teachers, the children’s interest flourished into … Continue reading