Building Materials

The babies have been investigating a variety of building materials. The children create towers and structures. Some of the materials include, unit blocks, bristle blocks, OJ tops, cardboard boxes, cubes, recycled fishing line spools, and much more.  Look through a collection of photographs of the children exploring some of the ways to build!

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fireflies. pos.2

In the dark afternoons of Winter Solstice time, we give headlamps and flashlights to the preschoolers to brighten their outdoor play. I documented their movements with an old-fashioned camera trick: analog film, tripod, shutter-release cable, and a combination of long and multiple exposures per frame. I call the series, “Fireflies”.

fireflies.pos.14 fireflies.pos.5 fireflies.pos.3  fireflies.pos.5 fireflies.pos.4 fireflies.pos.3 fireflies.pos.6 - Version 2